A Thinner Face Awaits

While fat in the face is not necessarily a bad thing, in excess, facial fat can cause one to appear bloated, older, and heavier than they actually are. At Oklahoma City’s Cosmetic Surgery Center, we strive to create a look that you feel good about and are comfortable with. We understand the importance of a slim and contoured face and are pleased to help you along your journey.  Continue reading “A Thinner Face Awaits” »

Liposuction FAQ: Where Can Liposuction Be Performed?

Well known for its body contouring ways, liposuction is an effective and efficient way to remove stubborn pockets of fat. While some areas are more obvious and thus, popular, like the waist and abdominals, others, like the benefits of knee liposuction are lesser known—yet, can be equally improved with liposuction. 

Here, we explore the many areas that liposuction can address!

Cheeks, Jawline, & Jowls: At the forefront of one’s appearance, fat held around the face is particularly noticeable and unflattering. What’s more, fat accumulation in these areas can be especially troubling as we age and may add years to one’s look.

Chin & Neck: Say goodbye to your pesky double chin! Excess fat in the chin and neck often causes one to appear overweight. Liposuction around the chin and neck lends itself to a sleek profile.

Upper Arms: Liposuction can help sculpt a flabby upper arm and pairs nicely with an arm lift.

Bra Line: They don’t call it a “bra bulge” for nothing. Fat held around a woman’s bra line can make both bras and clothing fit uncomfortably.

Chest: Struggling with gynecomastia, many men are self-conscious of their overly developed breasts. A part of male breast reduction surgery, liposuction removes fatty deposits from the breast area to aid in making the chest proportionate to their manly physique.

Waist, Abdominals, & Flanks: Perhaps the most popular area, liposuction creates flattering curves by slimming and shaping men and women’s midsections.

Hips: Fat collection on the hips is especially troubling for women. Having tried to slim their hips through their own means—thanks to liposuction, women are thrilled with their now narrow hips.

Thighs, Knees, & Calves: Often overlooked, liposuction is a great tool for sculpting the lower body. The knees are particularly frustrating, fortunately, liposuction can remove fat from both the front and back of the knee. 

With Liposuction, Dr. Benien Can Help You Achieve the Figure You Have Always Wanted

Have you noticed a particular area that is in need of slimming? Contact our Oklahoma City practice to schedule your personal liposuction consultation with Dr. Benien. 

Much Ado About Belly Fat

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight will notice that one of the hardest spots on the body to burn excess flab off of, and one of the easiest to put extra flab onto, is the abdominal area. Unfortunately, the abdomen is one of the last places anyone wants to find a spare tire. Well, as they said in that cartoon from the 80s, “knowing is half the battle,” so here’s a few reasons behind why fat seems to gravitate towards the gut.

Why extra flab seems to fly straight to your tummy

Besides the obvious things like exercising, and avoiding excess carbs and fat in your diet, something you may not have considered is the amount of alcohol you consume. We’re not just talking problem drinkers, here – even a semi-regular glass of wine a few times a week can pack some extra pounds onto your paunch. Dubbed a “Wine Waist” by fitness guru and trainer James Duigan, alcohol is pure sugar that keeps you from burning off excess fat until the booze has been processed. The occasional drink won’t do any lasting damage, but if you want to keep your belly flat, it’d be best to keep it strictly occasional.

Stress is another thing you may want to cut back on in your life. Easier said than done, for sure, but stress can have adverse effects on your midsection. Stress equals cortisol, and when your body produces it, it encourages the body to hold onto extra fat, especially around the stomach. Try to get a good night’s sleep, look into relaxation methods like deep-breathing and meditation, and cut back on caffeine if you feel stress might be the culprit.

But no matter what you do, or what you eat, age itself will be a factor in stomach weight. The older we get, the more muscles we lose (especially if we don’t exercise regularly), and thus, the body burns fewer calories. Basically, if you’re taking in the same calorie intake at 60 that you did at 30, you’re going to gain extra weight faster than you would have when you were younger.

If all else fails, consider liposuction by a skilled practitioner of cosmetic surgery, as liposuction is designed specifically to combat localized trouble zones of fat, such as the tummy. Contact your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about the procedure.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Looking Your Best and Aging Gracefully

The ball has dropped in Times Square. We’ve sung Auld Lang Syne. We’ve bid 2012 adieu in favor of 2013. And a lot of people have, of course, vowed to improve themselves with the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution. If you’re still pondering what to put on your New Year’s Resolution list, here are a few ideas for keeping yourself looking young and healthy well into your golden years.

Going on a Diet

You are what you eat, as they say! While it may be a bit cliche to resolve to go on a diet in the new year, there are more benefits than just losing a few pounds. What you eat can better prepare you to age gracefully. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, such as leafy greens like kale and spinach, and fruits such as raspberries and blueberries. These palatable plants are known to have anti-aging qualities.

Put That Butt Out!

You already know the myriad health issues that smoking promotes, but it can also have an adverse effect on your skin. Cigarette smoke has been shown to impact the formation of wrinkles and signs of premature aging. However, if you’re going to quit, don’t make the mistake of cutting the habit cold-turkey. Your body is just going to crash without the nicotine, and heighten your risk of falling off the wagon. Instead, make a vow to smoke fewer cigarettes a day by April, and then fewer still by August, and so on. Even if you can’t quit outright, drastically reducing the amount of cigarette smoke you’re exposed to will still positively effect your skin and your overall health.

Saving for the Big Procedure

If cosmetic surgery is something you’ve had your eye on (but no one left it for you under the tree), you may want to use your resolution to vow to save up the money for that tummy tuck, liposuction, or shot of Botox you’ve wanted. Instead of making something like cosmetic surgery a snap decision, save up for it and allow yourself to take that time to familiarize yourself with the procedure, what you can expect realistically for results, and who the best surgeon for the job is. To help you do your research and find out how much you’ll need to save, contact your cosmetic surgeon’s office for a consultation.

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Fat Reduction

Did you know that, as popular as liposuction is, it’s actually less popular than it was ten years ago? In 2011, there were just over 200,000 patients in America who underwent the procedure. That puts it at the third most common cosmetic procedure – nothing to scoff at, to be sure, but compare that to the year 2000, when 354,000 Americans underwent the same procedure. That’s a 154,000-patient discrepancy.

Why the dip in popularity? Probably the rise of non-invasive options for weight loss over the years.

Ways To Reduce Fat Without Diet, Exercise or Invasive Procedures

The FDA has begun to approve of non-surgical fat reduction procedures for treatment in the U.S., starting with Zerona, a laser fat reduction treatment, in 2010. Next came Zeltiq, only a month later. Zeltiq, also known as CoolSculpting, works by aggressively cooling fat cells. However, both of these treatments have a smaller scope than liposuction, since the locations on your body that they can treat is limited.

Enter Liposonix. In September of last year, the FDA approved the treatment, which uses ultrasound to reduce excess fat. Studies are promising, showing that patients lost about an inch from the circumference of their midsection. Furthermore, Liposonix can treat just about any part of the patient’s body.

While proper diet and exercise is the best option for your body, there are those that are unable to lose weight on their own, or are unable to lose weight in targeted areas no matter how much they diet or exercise. Undeniably, the most effective treatment in terms of results remains liposuction – it’s safe, tried and true, and can be as dramatic or subtle as you need.

However, if you’re not expecting a total makeover, and are instead looking for more subtle weight loss, perhaps in specific areas of your body, these non-surgical alternatives may be worth investing in.

More Women Interested in Labiaplasty

The last few months have brought stories of more and more men becoming interested in, or undergoing, cosmetic procedures. Despite that rising trend, there’s no denying it – women are still cosmetic surgery’s biggest clientele.


The common procedures that women elect to undergo include liposuction, tummy tucks, eyelid surgery, and breast augmentation. But according to Reuters, more and more women want to reshape another part of their body – their private parts.


Thousands of women undergo vaginal plastic surgery, or labiaplasty, every year. For some, it’s a matter of sensation.

But is it worth it?

“Women come to me and say they don’t have the urge to have sex anymore because they don’t feel anything,” an Atlanta-based plastic surgeon and gynaecologist told the news source. “I guarantee that if a man didn’t feel anything, he wouldn’t have sex either.”


For others, the issue is aesthetics. Patients want their nethers to resemble those they’ve seen on television or the Internet. 


However, some critics argue that the risks outweigh the potential benefits, and that the procedures have not been proven to help regain the desired sensitivity, and can even reduce it if the procedure is performed improperly. Furthermore, these critics are concerned that women may harbor unrealistic expectations of what they “should” look like based representations in media.


If you’re interested in labiaplasty, but are uncertain if you’re a candidate for the procedure, be sure to contact a trusted, cosmetic surgeon who can answer all your questions and help you decide if the procedure is right for you. But above all, make sure you’d be doing it for the right reasons. Labiaplasty can help you feel more comfortable, and can improve self-confidence, but it shouldn’t be entered into lightly just to conform to a preconceived notion of beauty.

Fat Doesn’t Come Back After Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures with patients in the U.S., appearing among the top five procedures statistically every year since 1992. There are critics, however, that say liposuction isn’t the permanent answer to excess fat that it’s supposed to be, and that fat cells return or redistributes to other areas of the body.

A new study in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), begs to differ. This new study shows that fat cells don’t grow back, nor do they move to other areas of the body. 

New study refutes findings from previous findings to the contrary

The study, authored by ASPS Member Surgeon Eric Swanson, MD, observed 301 patients who underwent liposuction, either on its own or done in conjunction with abdominoplasty. Precise, computer-assisted measurements and standardized photos were used to calculate the dimensions of patients before their surgeries, as well as after photos taken at least three months later.

The study’s findings showed no evidence of rejuvenated fat growth in treated areas, and the dimensions of non-treated areas, such as the upper body, showed no signs of excess growth, meaning fat wasn’t redistributed elsewhere.

These findings refute a report published in Obesity last year. Dr. Swanson believes earlier findings rose from how those studies measured their patients’ bodies.

“Previous studies have evaluated small numbers of patients and used imprecise measuring techniques, limiting their power to reliably detect changes,” said Dr. Swanson. “Our study included a sufficient number of patients and used precise measurements, making the conclusions highly reliable. Patients can be reassured that their improvements will last and they need not worry about putting weight back on disproportionately.”

Of course, patients can still put weight back on through their own actions, as liposuction doesn’t affect one’s ability to gain or lose weight. Keeping your body in shape is important after liposuction, as well as any other invasive cosmetic procedure. But you can rest assured that any weight gained after liposuction won’t be because the surgery didn’t take.

Teenagers Are More Interested in Cosmetic Surgery

Our teenage years are all about change; new hormones, hair in strange, new places, and the change in our bodies from childhood to adulthood is well underway. Yet, for many teens, this change isn’t happening fast enough, or does not develop the way they would like it to. Some of these teens are choosing to speed up or fix the process with cosmetic surgery.

According to statistics, teen plastic surgery is on the rise. In 2011, over 230,000 procedures were performed on teens between 13 and 19 years of age. The most popular surgical cosmetic procedure was rhinoplasty, with 33,000 cases, accounting for 14 per cent of all teenage procedures last year.

Adolescents opt for cosmetic procedures

Breast reduction in men (gynecomastia) was in second place, clocking in at 14,000 procedures (up six per cent from last year). Pubescent gynecomastia is somewhat common, and often temporary. Waiting for them to go away on their own can put young boys through some rough psychological stress, however.

Parental permission is required for anyone younger than 18 to undergo cosmetic surgery, but beyond that, there aren’t really any guidelines regarding age. It’s up to the parent, the teenage patient, and their doctor to fully understand the desires of the patient versus the risk of the procedure in question, and if their age or development is at all a factor.

If you’re curious about cosmetic surgery for you or your teen, seek out the advice of a trusted surgeon with enough experience to know what you’d be getting into.

Other popular procedures among teens in 2011 include:

Drainless Tummy Tuck

In the last 5 years abdominoplasty has taken on a different dimension in that there has been seismic shift to less invasive techniques. In my practice we feel that results are even better and more natural with these approaches.

Combining liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen and by including liposuction of waist and hip regions along with the excess skin removal and central muscle tightening more natural results are achievable.

In this technique the tissue planes are left intact after tumescent liposuction. Hematoma and seroma formation are much less likely to occur. This also reduces the necessity for including drains. The smaller liposuction incisions are left open to drain the tumescent fluid used in the liposuction.

Liposuction of the abdomen lets the tissue planes slide more easily and therefore the amount of undermining of the lateral and upper abdomen is reduced. This helps also to reduce the discomfort post surgery and recovery time is shortened.

This new abdominoplasty technique produces excellent results in patients who have the need for fat reduction. A few years ago many surgeons were skeptical of incorporating liposuction with abdominplasty because of the fear that blood supply to the skin would be compromised. Those issues have been resolved with the use of smaller cannulas and other techniques.

Occasionally some physicians will perform this surgery with total local anesthesia similar to the total tumescent liposuction procedure. Although this is not common some physicians feel it gives much quicker recovery.