Take Advantage of Boo-Tox Month

Halloween is coming up fast, and kids aren’t the only ones looking to dress up and look good. This month is an excellent time to take advantage of incredible deals on Botox and other injectables in Oklahoma City.Once upon a time, it may have seemed strange to offer special deals on non-surgical cosmetic procedures during the Halloween season; that holiday supposedly dedicated to dressing up scary and trying to frighten people. But no more.

For adults, Halloween has evolved into the opportunity to dress up out of the ordinary and have fun. It may seem like a completely strange thing to say, but on Halloween, even though you’re in costume, you want to look your best.

What better time to take advantage of an incredible offer on Botox injections?

As is referenced in the image below, Botox injections are an incredibly priced $10 per unit all during the October lead-up to Halloween.

An equally scary-good offer: $50 off other facial fillers, such as Juvéderm, Belotero, and Radiesse.

So, are you ready to have your face looking and feeling amazing while you sport those adorable animal ears and shake your sexy animal tail? See the image below for details on this scary-good offer at Dr. Benien’s Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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When it comes to restoring a youthful and rested look to your face, a full face lift is traditionally considered to be the comprehensive way to go. But what if you’re not after traditional? What if you want to have your face looking and feeling great, but you also want to return to your workplace in short order, without all the downtime required to make a full recovery after a face lift? A surgery-free liquid face lift might be just the thing.

When the goal is a rejuvenated look and feel, the face lift has been the go-to way to combat the signs of aging for quite a while now. And make no mistake – for many people, a full face lift is often just the thing. But what if you have a job to get back to and can’t afford to take weeks off necessary to make a full recovery? Enter the liquid face lift.

It’s already proving to be a game-changer. It’s all about rejuvenating your face via non-invasive procedure that require no downtime to recover. Injectables like Botox are combined with dermal fillers such as Juvederm to address problem areas along the jaw and sides of the face to correct wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow’s feet.

These injectables and fillers are often performed in conjunction with other non-invasive procedures, such as using Latisse to grow and longer, luscious eyeslashes.

So. Do you want to restore a rested and refreshed look and feel to your face, but still be back in the office in no time? If so, click the link to contact us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Benien, who will help you design the liquid face lift that’s right for you.


As we age, the daily responsibilities of life continue. Even amidst hurricane season where flooding in Oklahoma City can be rampant, we seem to wear these stresses right where everyone can see them – on our face.

Find out why so many are turning to the “liquid face lift” for help.


Everyday lifestyle choices can help or hurt the appearance of age on the face. Your skin care regimen, sleep patterns, diet, exercise, and stress coping skills all play a major role in keeping you looking fresh.  But, what goes up must come down and unfortunately gravity is no friend to the face. 

As patients feel the need to supplement with procedures like the face lift to combat the appearance of aging other alternatives are emerging.  For those who are interested in a less invasive procedure the “liquid face lift” may be your taste of the fountain of youth. The “liquid face lift” generally describes using injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, along the jaw, sides of the face, and other problem areas that can appear gaunt. Different combinations of injectables can be used to tailor your “liquid face lift” to exactly what you want to accomplish. You and your physician can cater to the exact areas and issues you want address.

The knife-free alternative to a traditional surgical face lift is a great way to achieve a rested and refreshed face without the concerns that accompany surgery.  The results are immediate and patients who are hesitant about recovery time, scarring, and cost can rest easy.  With the holidays looming and family and friends in your future, the “liquid face lift” is an instant fix to those troublesome areas of your face.

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