Teenagers Are More Interested in Cosmetic Surgery

Our teenage years are all about change; new hormones, hair in strange, new places, and the change in our bodies from childhood to adulthood is well underway. Yet, for many teens, this change isn’t happening fast enough, or does not develop the way they would like it to. Some of these teens are choosing to speed up or fix the process with cosmetic surgery.

According to statistics, teen plastic surgery is on the rise. In 2011, over 230,000 procedures were performed on teens between 13 and 19 years of age. The most popular surgical cosmetic procedure was rhinoplasty, with 33,000 cases, accounting for 14 per cent of all teenage procedures last year.

Adolescents opt for cosmetic procedures

Breast reduction in men (gynecomastia) was in second place, clocking in at 14,000 procedures (up six per cent from last year). Pubescent gynecomastia is somewhat common, and often temporary. Waiting for them to go away on their own can put young boys through some rough psychological stress, however.

Parental permission is required for anyone younger than 18 to undergo cosmetic surgery, but beyond that, there aren’t really any guidelines regarding age. It’s up to the parent, the teenage patient, and their doctor to fully understand the desires of the patient versus the risk of the procedure in question, and if their age or development is at all a factor.

If you’re curious about cosmetic surgery for you or your teen, seek out the advice of a trusted surgeon with enough experience to know what you’d be getting into.

Other popular procedures among teens in 2011 include: