With an emergence of contouring and shadowing in the world of beauty, women are seeking an ideal technique to create that ever-elusive high cheekbone. Tutorials and makeup products are boasting the steps of how to apply contour makeup, but if the stroke of a makeup brush isn’t leaving you satisfied with the proportions of your face, cheek augmentation may be the answer to a more balanced look.


From the red carpet to the runway, the contour makeup trend is everywhere. Social media sites like Pinterest have countless how to’s on giving yourself a more proportionate face with simple tips and tricks.  Many women are finding that these disproportions aren’t skin deep and have decided on a surgical fix.  There are three different cheek augmentation types to consider.


Cheek implants: These implants are positioned on top of your actual cheekbones and can accentuate or create higher cheekbones.

Below the cheek: Placing an implant directly under the cheekbone is an option for those who have a sunken in or hollow appearance to their face. Placing implants here can also give the face a fuller appearance.

Combined: A combined procedure joins the two styles listed above. Your cosmetic surgeon will place an implant both on and underneath the natural cheekbone to give the cheeks a higher and fuller appearance.

Also deserving a special note is that other, less invasive alternatives are available at our clinic, including fat transfer techniques, and collagen stimulators such as Sculptra.

To reach a decision about your cheek augmentation options, click below to discuss your options with your cosmetic surgeon to determine the placement that will give you the contours that you desire. A consultation will give you a better understanding of what is possible and what to expect.