New MemoryShape Breast Implants Make their Way to New Breast Augmentation Patients

Mentor Worldwide LLC’s revolutionary new silicone implants approved for women 22 years old and up.

Good news for all of you ladies out there who have been considering a breast augmentation! The FDA recently approved Mentor’s new MemoryShape silicone implants late last month.

The implants have been clinically studied over the past six years among 955 breast augmentation and reconstruction patients without any so-called “adverse events” such as rupture. The FDA’s approval of the implants was said to be based on this six-year study, which is set to go on for four more years.

Following the FDA’s approval, there are now at least five silicone gel-filled breast implants that have been made available to the United States.

What does that mean for future procedures?

Well, for one, the new shaped implants definitely offer women more choices. While they are directed more towards older patients or those undergoing breast reconstruction, they are also great for younger women who would like a more subtle and natural-looking result than the traditional round implants. Simply put, these implants offer each woman the exact results that she desires and open up the breast augmentation procedure to many more women.

We currently offer these implants by Mentor to our patients here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Oklahoma City. Call our board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr.Paul Benien, Jr. for a consultation to develop your own personalized approach for the exact style, profile, and size that you want.

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Solving the Confusion Behind Breast Augmentation

Whether people are gossiping about the latest celebrity rumors or trying to decide if it’s right for them, breast augmentation is clearly the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. However, with all the rumors and misconceptions floating around, there is still a lot of confusion about certain aspects of the procedure. Today, I’m here to clear things up.

Saline and Silicone implants are very different from eachother.

Probably the most noticeable difference is that silicone looks and feels more natural than the saline implants because of the silicone gel’s similarity to breast tissue. It is also less likely for silicone to ripple, however, if a saline implant ruptures, it is easily flushed from your body, which is made up of 60% saline. Silicone can be hard to remove from your body if an implant ruptures (though the new MemoryShape silicone implants have been shown not to rupture over a six year clinical study). Overall, especially with the new advances, silicone implants are the more popular decision and have improved immensely in safety which has made them the more common choice over the cheaper saline implants.

Breast implants do NOT increase the risk of you getting breast cancer!

Let’s just get this one out of the way in the beginning. Breast implants do not make you any more susceptible to breast cancer. However, it is important that you inform Dr. Benien if there has been a significant history of breast cancer in your family so that he can work best with you to avoid any complications.

Implants do NOT interfere with mammograms.

Despite popular belief, there is no interference caused by the implants, though a few more x-rays may be necessary in order to see around the implant.

Stretch marks are NOT common with implants.

Don’t worry. Stretch marks are not common with breast augmentations, however, there is a slight chance if you are going for one of the larger cup sizes depending on your skin.

Implants will NOT cause sagging.

Interestingly enough, breast implants are far more resistant to sagging than your natural breast tissue. If you don’t have a lot of breast tissue when adding an implant, you will almost never have to be concerned about sagging. If however you had a good amount of breast tissue to begin with, normal sagging will occur with age.

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If you have been considering a breast augmentation, board certified Dr. Paul Benien would love to discuss your various options with you and clear up any further confusion. Here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Oklahoma, we believe in keeping our patients informed to ensure an absolutely pleasing and rewarding experience.

BRA Day to Raise Awareness of Breast Reconstruction

Every year, there are a number of events and awareness movements to raise awareness of breast cancer, which takes from us many of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives and friends. But on October 17, the first-ever BRA Day will launch a campaign to remind us all about life after breast cancer.

BRA Day, or Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, aims to educate breast cancer survivors, their families, and everyone else about the choices women have when it comes to reconstruction following mastectomy. Seventy per cent of women eligible for breast reconstruction are left uninformed about their options or their rights.

Promoting Breast Reconstruction awareness for mastectomy patients

For example, if your mastectomy is covered by insurance, then it must also cover your reconstruction by a plastic surgeon. Also, you have options as to when to undergo reconstruction; you can choose to have your breasts reconstructed the same day of your mastectomy, or you can wait and have it done at a later date.

There are even different kinds of breast reconstruction procedures. Tissue expanders are one option, which are inserted under the pectoral muscles, while Flap reconstruction borrows tissue from another part of the body to replace the lost breast.

The fact is, information about breast reconstruction simply isn’t being imparted to patients. Less than a quarter of women are aware of the range of reconstruction options available to them, are familiar with the expected quality of results, and that the timing of their breast cancer treatment in conjunction with their decision to undergo reconstruction can have a huge impact on their options and possible results.

In 20 countries around the world, and in cities across the country such as New York, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans and Los Angeles, people are making a concerted effort to change those statistics. One hundred per cent of women should know their rights. If you’re interested in supporting the cause, attend one of the events in your city, or if your city isn’t having an event, join online on BRA Day’s Facebook or Twitter. And if you can, visit to donate.