3 Ways to Age with Grace

Only kids want to grow older, but for adults, time will best us all. It slays kings, ruins towns, and beats high mountains down – our skin elasticity can’t hold out forever. However, we can choose to age with grace, and accept our golden years with dignity and grace. For how to do that best, follow these tips for aging gracefully.

Keep Your Body Healthy

One of the best ways to age well is to maintain a healthy body, and keeping active is the way to go about it. However, that is not to say it must be strenuous; experts say that a few hours of moderate aerobic activity a week, complimented by muscle training twice a week is more than enough for those over 65. A good diet is also crucial, so maintain a full compliment of greens in the crisper.

Keep Up Your Skincare Regimen

What exercise and diet can’t cure, a good skin care regimen can; visible signs of aging will come, and there’s not much activity and and healthy eating can do about that. If you have a skin care regimen, which includes such things as lotions anti-aging creams, you’ll want to maintain it. If you don’t have such a regimen, consider getting started on one. Minimally-invasive procedures such as chemical peels and Juvederm can also be used to compliment your skin care plan.

Don’t Hide Your Age

Aging gracefully isn’t just about the physical side of things, but also the mental side. Feeling good about yourself and your age will pay dividends in how you come across to others. Feeling good about your age and your body will make you feel good about yourself, and those good vibes will actually help you come across with more vitality. Don’t hide your age, or be ashamed of it – be proud of it!

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll look radiant and turn heads will into your golden years. For more information about anti-aging treatments available to you, contact Dr. Paul Benien’s offices for a consultation.

New Study Shows Wrinkles Can Be Indicators of Heart Problems

Unfortunate though it may be, everyone gets old eventually. With age, often, comes wrinkles, and most people don’t care for them, especially when they first start to appear. Some dread the day they discover their first pair of crows feet.

But wrinkles may not only be a sign of age, as it turns out. It may tell you a little something about your health.

Signs of aging may say more about your body than just its age

Research conducted by the American Heart Association conducted over a 35-year period examined 10,885 patients over the age of 40 for various signs of aging, such as receding hairline, yellow fatty deposits around the eyes, earlobe creases, and baldness. Of that initial number, 3,400 had developed heart disease, and 1,700 had experienced a heart attack.

The results of the study suggest that these signs of aging may prove to be indicative of heart problems, especially the fatty eye deposits. It makes sense; visible signs of aging are indicators of your body’s biological age. Some people wrinkle faster than others, and the causes of these signs of aging may have a biological connection with the less-visible signs of aging.

That said, this is an issue of correlation, not causation. Wrinkles aren’t the cause of heart disease, but may simply be a warning sign, and getting rid of wrinkles won’t cure any sort of underlying health issues. If you’re getting to that age when wrinkles are becoming more noticeable, it might be a good idea to book a health screening with your physician, just to be safe.

Speaking of booking time with a medical professional, a plastic surgeon can be brought onboard to help you with unwanted wrinkles. Botox and facelifts are among the more popular and tried-and-true treatments. Once you have your health in good standings, contact your plastic surgeon to set up a consultation.