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Rejuvenate Your Look with a Facial Fat Grafting Procedure

Rejuvenate Your Look with a Facial Fat Grafting Procedure

If you’ve thought about getting dermal fillers to fill out your cheeks and restore your youthful contours, you may consider the benefits of a facial fat grafting procedure. Facial fat grafting is performed by extracting body fat from problem areas, such as the abdominal region or hips, and then re-injecting the fat into various facial compartments. The result is a more youthful appearance and firmer-looking skin. Facial fat grafting can produce very natural-looking results and may be just what you need to rejuvenate your look for the new year ahead!

Is Facial Fat Grafting Right for Me?

If you have noticed facial lines developing around the mouth and nose, or have found that the quality of your skin has lost its firmness, you may be a good candidate for this facial rejuvenation procedure. Since the procedure involves using your own body fat to restore volume loss, results are long-lasting and look very natural. We can increase the fullness of the cheeks and improve the overall quality of the skin by injecting your own fat cells into various parts of the face.

You may be a good candidate for facial fat grafting if you have:

  • Noticeable wrinkles and lines around the face
  • Lack of skin elasticity
  • Significant volume loss around the cheeks and eyes
  • Esthetic concerns such as asymmetry
  • Lackluster skin

We can perform facial fat grafting as an in-office procedure, and this technique delivers permanent results. We typically will slightly over-inject because the body will absorb some of the fat after the procedure. You can expect to see your final result after the swelling has resolved.

Freshen Up Your Look for the New Year

There is minimal downtime with this procedure and you can expect the swelling to resolve within a couple of weeks. Most patients can return to their regular schedule within a week, so you can undergo this procedure now and look forward to results right as the New Year begins! We can prepare a treatment plan that will help you get the results you want and accommodate your busy schedule this holiday season.

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