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Latest Plastic Surgery Summer Trends Include Butt Lift, Mommy Makeovers

Latest Plastic Surgery Summer Trends Include Butt Lift, Mommy Makeovers

A recent report from RealSelf was detailed in The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, showing that the latest trend in summer procedures centers on buttocks lifts and mommy makeovers. is the largest online presence of plastic surgery reviews, information and patient forums. Its insight into the latest developing trends in the plastic surgery world comes from online feedback, millions of user searches, comments from its many dedicated users, and detailed information from thousands of plastic surgeons worldwide.

Summer Trends Focus on Buttocks, Abdomen Procedures

One particular survey showed that the mommy makeover is rapidly gaining in popularity. A combination of a tummy tuck and breast implants, searches for this post-baby procedure have gone up 13% in the past year alone. On a ten point scale, mommy makeover patients reported the following results:

  • A four point boost in self-confidence
  • Sex life satisfaction increase of two points
  • Attractiveness boost of three points

High-tech fat reduction techniques are also hot, with Cellulaze and CoolSculpting both mentioned specifically. Advanced liposuction techniques are also seeing a marked rise in popularity. Minimally invasive laser skin rejuvenation procedures are also extremely popular, receiving high numbers of searches.

This data was also tracked geographically, with certain regions being more prone to increased interest in specific types of procedures. Florida lead the way with buttocks enhancement procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift and buttocks implants. In comparison with the national average, people in the midwest were far more likely to search for breast augmentation information. These Midwest states lead the US in breast implant interest.

Another interesting result of the RealSelf surveys was the importance of using a board-certified plastic surgeon. Patients who saw a plastic surgeon board certified in an aesthetic specialty reported satisfaction rates 15% higher than those who did not, dramatic proof that using a trusted and professional surgeon is of utmost importance.

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