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Find A Surgeon Using Social Media

Find A Surgeon Using Social Media

Social media has taken the online world by storm. Everyone seems to have an account somewhere, and users can be as involved or as distant with their chosen social media service as they want to be. Twitter is a great way to post and follow updates from friends and important news or general interest sites, and Facebook can be used as just a way to keep track of friends, organize events, promote causes, and even farm (digitally, of course).

Another thing it can do for you that you may not be aware of is help you find a plastic surgeon that’s right for you.

When it comes to finding the right doctor, research is a key factor. You’ll want to know if the doctor specializes in the procedure you’re interested in, and that they’re qualified to perform that procedure. Those factors can be found by looking at their websites, or calling their offices.

But the more subtle things, like personality, bedside manner, and his or her approach to follow-up treatment, would be harder to glean from their websites in most cases. This is where Facebook comes in.

Social Media is a great research tool to find the right doctor for you.

More and more plastic surgeons are building an online presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where they update their status, answer patient questions, and share studies and other topical items in the world of plastic surgery.

“I think social media is one of the greatest things that’s come along in terms of allowing a prospective patient to get to know their doctor before they walk into an examining room,” said David Reath, MD, ASPS Member Surgeon. “The nature of how doctor’s communicate on things like Facebook really shows their personality.

So before you set up a consultation with a prospective surgeon, check and see if he or she has a Twitter or a Facebook account. If so, peruse it and try and glean what they might be like and if they’re a good fit for you. But if a doctor doesn’t have a Facebook page, don’t discount them; social media is just one handy way to get to know your doctor.

I love the patience Dr. Benien has to explain the procedure; he listens to all your questions and answers them without making you feel he is in a rush to be done with your consultation appointment.

Mommy Makeover, Oklahoma City

“I want my patients to feel like a better version of themselves.”

Dr. Fogleman and Dr. Benien create elegant, natural results with each surgical procedure or non-surgical treatment they perform. "Quality outcomes," as they say. Their goal is not to make their patients look different – they strive to make them look better, never overdone or obvious.

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