Dr. Trent James Fogleman

Dr. Fogleman, a board certified cosmetic surgeon, brings years of experience and an eye for natural enhancements that patients trust to achieve beautiful outcomes. He specializes in cosmetic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation, and hormone balance for men and women.

Dr. Fogleman is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS).

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“I go beyond the ‘expected.’ I owe it to my patients to bring the latest tools and techniques to the table.”

Dr. Fogleman is, as he says, technically, surgically, scientifically driven. And he is never satisfied with the status quo, always searching for new ways to meet his patients’ expectations as new techniques arrive. He also goes beyond in terms of patient care, building long-term relationships, following their progress and, at times, adjusting treatment along the way.

Education. Training. Experience. Instinct.

Dr. Fogleman graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine at Shreveport in 1998. He’s been in practice for nearly 20 years and has developed a reputation for helping both men and women live the life they yearn for – feeling more attractive, more alive and happier.

To meet Dr. Fogleman for a confidential consultation and discuss your medical or aesthetic issue, please call (405) 691-3111.

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I am alive today because of Dr. Fogleman and his surgical expertise in carefully removing a very large, cancerous ovarian cyst.