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How Breast Augmentation Can Enhance Your Feminine Figure

How Breast Augmentation Can Enhance Your Feminine Figure

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your body and have lost your feminine curves after pregnancy or weight loss, consider the benefits of breast augmentation surgery. Many women who get breast implants experience a boost in self-confidence. If you have always wanted shapelier, larger, or more symmetrical breasts, a breast augmentation can help provide you with your ideal figure.

Here are some ways a breast augmentation procedure can enhance your feminine shape:

Restores Body Balance

If you feel your breasts are too small or disproportionate to the rest of your body, you may be a great candidate for breast implants. Breast augmentation surgery can increase your cup size so your bust size is closer to or matches your hip size. This helps to create a beautiful hourglass body shape and a more feminine silhouette. We can discuss sizing options and the most appropriate breast shape for you during your consultation.

Restores Volume Loss

If your breasts have become deflated or are sagging due to pregnancy or weight loss, you may breast implants may be able to improve their appearance. Breast augmentation surgery is very effective for restoring lost volume in the breasts and can give you a fuller look. Whether you want to restore your breast size or go up one or two cup sizes, we can discuss your options during your consultation.

Correct Breast Asymmetry

Many women want round and shapely breasts, but Mother Nature often has her own plans for your look. Breast implants can restore atypical breast shapes, correct breast asymmetry, and enhance your feminine contours to give you a shapelier appearance and profile. Different types of breast implants are available in different projections to create a more rounded or contoured look. We can share some breast augmentation before and after photos during your consultation.

If you want a more feminine figure and shapelier breasts, consider the benefits of breast implants. We offer Mentor breast implants at our practice and can show you different options for saline and silicone implants during your consultation. Schedule your consultation for breast augmentation in Oklahoma City with Dr. Benien today!

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