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Juvéderm® XC

Juvederm is an injectable gel that smooths out and fills in facial wrinkles and lines. It is most commonly used to treat wrinkles around the mouth and nose.

By replicating the skin’s natural hydrating processes, Juvederm works to eliminate the presence of wrinkles and lines, giving your skin a smooth, clean, and firm appearance.

The Juvéderm XC Difference

With Juvederm XC, you can instantly smooth away the wrinkles and folds that have you avoiding your reflection in the mirror. This non-surgical HA (hyaluronic acid-based) filler can be used for near-immediate improvement of common signs of aging such as:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Thinning lips

Am I a Candidate for Juvederm?

Because unwanted facial lines or wrinkles appear naturally with age, any generally healthy individual wanting to regain smooth, healthy-looking skin is a strong candidate for receiving Juvederm treatments.

Patients who exhibit the following conditions should discuss them completely with Dr. Fogleman or Dr. Benien before beginning Juvederm treatments:

  • Severe allergies
  • History of multiple allergies
  • Allergies to certain bacterial proteins
  • Allergies to lidocaine

If the above conditions are not present, then Juvederm may offer a quick, pain-free, easy way to treat and eliminate normal skin damage such as wrinkles and unwanted lines.

How Juvederm Works

Juvederm replicates the body’s natural processes for keeping skin hydrated and healthy. The appearance of young, healthy-looking skin is maintained in our bodies by a substance known as hyaluronic acid (HA). As age, sunlight, and other factors begin reducing the overall quality and appearance of our skin, the presence of HA diminishes. Juvederm counteracts this process by filling in the wrinkles and lines left behind by skin damage with a gel-like substance that operates similarly to the way HA operates naturally.

After identifying areas on the face in which Juvederm would be most effective, cosmetic surgeons use a small needle to gently inject a thin layer of Juvederm gel just below the outermost layer of skin. Once beneath the skin, this gel acts like natural HA–keeping the skin hydrated, healthy, and strong. The results obtained from a Juvederm treatment generally last for a full year, at which time repeat treatments may become necessary.

What Happens After a Juvederm Treatment?

Because Juvederm is administered through a noninvasive procedure, it is generally both painless and free of long recovery periods. The most common side effects are at the injection site and may include skin redness, irritation, slight swelling, tenderness, bruising, or itching. There are also rare cases of infection at the injection site, but, typically, patients should feel free to return to everyday activities within 24 hours of receiving the injection. During this 24 hour recovery period, avoid heavy physical exercise, alcohol consumption, and extended exposure to heat or sunlight.

Learn More About Juvederm in Oklahoma City

To learn more about Juvederm treatments in Oklahoma City, contact Dr. Trent J. Fogleman and Dr. Paul F. Benien, Jr. at 405-691-3111. Our office is located at 9617 S. Pennsylvania, just minutes from Will Rogers World Airport.

I love the patience Dr. Benien has to explain the procedure; he listens to all your questions and answers them without making you feel he is in a rush to be done with your consultation appointment.

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Dr. Fogleman and Dr. Benien create elegant, natural results with each surgical procedure or non-surgical treatment they perform. "Quality outcomes," as they say. Their goal is not to make their patients look different – they strive to make them look better, never overdone or obvious.

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