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Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear surgery, which is also referred to as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to adjust the balance, position, and shape of the ears in relation to the head. It is a practical treatment for both natural ear shape and ears altered by injury.

This treatment is often done on children once their final ear position becomes more clear. Incisions are made to adjust the angle of the ears relative to the side of the head. Size may also be adjusted, as well as imbalance between the two ears. This will have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of the ears, an extremely visible part of the body.

Candidates for Ear Surgery

Ear surgery typically should only be performed on patients that are older than five years old, as this is when the cartilage of the ear becomes stable enough to withstand the procedure.

Otoplasty is an excellent way to bring balance to the head and make the ears less of a focal point. This procedure is an effective treatment for:

  • Imbalanced ears
  • Overly large ears, a condition known as macrotia
  • Protruding ears
  • Injured or otherwise mangled ears

Ideal candidates for ear surgery are healthy non-smokers who are at least five years old and able to effectively respond to and follow instructions. Ideally, they should not have life-threatening illnesses or chronic ear infections.

How Ear Surgery Works

The first step of ear surgery is the administration of intravenous sedation or general anesthetic. An incision is made on the back of the ear to increase the antihelical fold and flatten the ear against the head. Conchal cartilage may also be reduced through this incision.

Frontal incisions may be made, if necessary, and are hidden in the folds of the ear. Internal sutures are set in place to create and support the new ear cartilage. External sutures are used to close the incisions in a way that keeps the scars hidden.

What Happens After Ear Surgery?

After the procedure, the surgical area will be covered with a bandage to minimize swelling and bruising. There may be some slight discomfort and itching underneath the bandage for the first few days.

Wounds should heal to the point that the bandages may be removed after a few days. The ears should be protected from damage for the next few weeks to prevent accidental opening of the incisions. The scars should fade over time and reach their final appearance after a few months. Some of the rare complications of this procedure include bleeding, poor wound healing, pain, and visual irregularities such as asymmetry.

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