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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Oklahoma City, OK | Dr. Paul Benien

Cosmetic breast surgery can be used to accomplish a wide variety of aesthetic goals. Women who choose to undergo breast enhancement often report improved quality of life and heightened self-esteem following breast surgery.

Who Can Benefit From Breast Enhancement?

If you are dissatisfied with the size, shape or position of your breasts, you may benefit from breast enhancement. Breast enhancement is specifically designed to improve appearance of the following:

  • Small or underdeveloped breasts
  • Breasts that have lost volume or fullness
  • Overly large breasts
  • Sagging or pendulous breasts

Right Candidates for Breast Surgery?

The best candidates for breast enhancement are healthy women who have a positive outlook and realistic surgical expectations. Read on to learn more about our breast enhancement procedures.

Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast implant removal or revision is a surgical procedure that removes or replaces breast implants placed during breast augmentation. The procedure may be performed for medical reasons or it may be the patient’s personal choice. To learn more about this cosmetic surgery, click here.

Breast Implant Augmentation Oklahoma City | Dr. Paul Benien

Breast augmentation in Oklahoma City can dramatically improve your body image and self esteem. Various breast implants and techniques can improve body balance and contours. To learn more about the Breast Augmentation procedure, click here.

Breast Lift Surgeon in Oklahoma City, OK | Dr. Benien

The breast lift procedure is the most natural way to improve the appearance of your breasts. Breasts are made firmer by surgically raising them and removing excess skin. If you want to learn more about this breast enhancement procedure, click here.

Breast Reduction Mammaplasty Oklahoma City | Dr. Benien

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure for women with very large breasts who experience medical problems caused by the excessive weight. Back pain, neck pain, and skin infections are common indications for breast reduction. To learn more about this breast surgery, click here.