Body Surgery

Weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can usher in many unwanted changes to your body. Fortunately, there are several body contouring procedures designed to refine, accentuate, or restore your figure.

What Can Body Surgery Treat?

Body surgery can be used to improve the shape and tone of a variety of problem areas on your body. If you are dissatisfied with one or more of the following, you may benefit from body surgery: loose or sagging skin, persistent pockets of excess fat, physical changes following childbirth, or excess tissue following major weight loss.

Arm Lift <

Arm lift surgery is designed to target excess skin and fat that may be deposited in the upper arm. This procedure is often helpful–even in the healthiest of individuals–as this particular location is a notoriously difficult area to shape with diet and exercise.

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Brazilian Butt Lift <

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a buttocks augmentation procedure that uses liposuctioned fat from the abdominal area to shape your entire lower body. The removal of excess fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and sides slims your profile, and the injection of fat into the buttocks gives a shapelier overall appearance.

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Labiaplasty <

Labiaplasty procedure, also known as labioplasty, is the surgical reduction or alteration of the external female genitalia, including the mons pubis and internal or external labia. This procedure is mainly performed to adjust the appearance of the genitalia, but may also be undertaken to improve comfort during sexual intercourse.

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Liposuction <

Fat becomes harder and harder to lose the older we become. As our metabolism slows and our busy schedules make it difficult to find time to exercise, stubborn deposits of fat develop throughout the body. Liposuction is a popular body contouring surgery that works to eliminate bothersome love handles, muffin tops, and other areas of the body when the fat becomes resistant to diet and exercise.

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Male Breast Reduction <

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to decrease over-developed or disproportionately sized breasts in men, a condition known as gynecomastia. This condition is common, and may be genetic, hormonal, a side effect of drug use or a disease symptom.

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Mommy Makeover <

The mommy makeover is an intensive and personal procedure that utilizes any of a large number of surgical procedures to restore the body to its original pre-pregnancy state.

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Thigh Lift <

A thigh lift improves the shape, firmness, and skin quality of the thighs. By removing excess skin, or in some cases fat, thigh lifts help produce a more proportionate lower body. This procedure may be performed along with liposuction, thereby removing both excess fat and skin, creating a firmer, tighter, more well-proportioned lower body.

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Tummy Tuck <

Tummy tucks are one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery administered today. Technically known as abdominoplasty, tummy tucks give patients firmer abdominals by removing excess skin and fat. While tummy tucks should not be viewed as a replacement for healthy approaches to weight loss, this procedure helps restore weakened or separated abdominal muscles and gives patients a smoother and firmer abdominal profile.

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I love the patience Dr. Benien has to explain the procedure; he listens to all your questions and answers them without making you feel he is in a rush to be done with your consultation appointment.

Mommy Makeover, Oklahoma City

The Cosmetic Surgery Center in Oklahoma combines the latest advances with time honored techniques. Dr. Benien’s years of experience and great eye come into play as does his and his staff’s unique ability to connect with people, to share his perspectives honestly, and make patients comfortable. Dr. Benien says, “I have been very fortunate to be able to do the work I love and gratified to see people have a more positive feeling about themselves.”

Please join us in welcoming Trent J. Fogleman, M.D., F.A.B.O.G., F.A.A.C.S. to the Cosmetic Surgery Center. As an Oklahoma City cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Fogleman brings years of experience and an eye for natural enhancements that patients trust to achieve beautiful outcomes. Dr. Fogleman specializes in cosmetic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation and hormone balance for men and women.