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Take Advantage of Boo-Tox Month

Benien10-3 Botox

Halloween is coming up fast, and kids aren’t the only ones looking to dress up and look good. This month is an excellent time to take advantage of incredible deals on Botox and other injectables in Oklahoma City.Once upon a time, it may have seemed strange to offer special deals on non-surgical cosmetic procedures during the Halloween season; that holiday supposedly dedicated to dressing up scary and trying to frighten people. But no more.

For adults, Halloween has evolved into the opportunity to dress up out of the ordinary and have fun. It may seem like a completely strange thing to say, but on Halloween, even though you’re in costume, you want to look your best.

What better time to take advantage of an incredible offer on Botox injections?

As is referenced in the image below, Botox injections are an incredibly priced $10 per unit all during the October lead-up to Halloween.

An equally scary-good offer: $50 off other facial fillers, such as Juvéderm,Belotero, and Radiesse.

So, are you ready to have your face looking and feeling amazing while you sport those adorable animal ears and shake your sexy animal tail? See the image below for details on this scary-good offer at Dr. Benien’s Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Benien Bootox