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Naturally Full Lips are Possible Thanks to Juvéderm Volbella XC®

Benien Volbella - Image
Have you heard about the newest member of the Juvéderm family? Released just last year, Juvéderm Volbella XC is a welcome addition for men and women seeking beautiful—and naturally—full lips.
Like the other members of the Juvéderm family, Volbella is composed of hyaluronic acid but differs in that it takes advantage of a new filler technology known as Vycross. Vycross is an exciting new advancement that enables Juvéderm Volbella to employ a more efficient cross-linking technology that utilizes a shorter hyaluronic acid chain.

What does this mean for your lips? Keep on reading!

Natural Looking Lips

Volbella’s ability to subtly enhance the lips reflects the latest trend in cosmetic enhancement. More and more, patients are hoping to achieve more natural results. Thinner than other fillers, Volbella flows easily and smoothly as it is injected. Dr. Benien is able to inject Volbella more superficially, which allows him to create a lighter, more air-kissed appearance. For you, this means a more natural enhancement that closely mimics the natural shape of your lips while also adding a flattering fullness.

Precise Shaping

More than volume alone, Volbella is also able to add or restore definition to the lips—a problem that becomes increasingly pronounced as we age. Because of Volbella’s smooth and spreadable consistency, it is more effective for precise shaping than other fillers—whether that be defining a strong vermillion border or cupid’s bow.

Lines as well as Lips

Volbella was designed to address vertical lip lines that develop along the upper lip. Commonly known as “smoker’s lines”, these stubborn lines can distract from otherwise lovely lips. Volbella is able to fill in and soften these pesky lines.

Longer Lasting Results

It goes without saying that our lips move a lot. This constant motion can break down and wear out fillers. Lasting around one year, Volbella’s Vycross technology helps it to last longer than other injectable fillers.

Dr. Benien is pleased to now offer Juvéderm Volbella XC at his Oklahoma City practice. You too, can have naturally enhanced lips! Schedule your consultation at Dr. Benien’s Cosmetic Surgery Center today.