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Men Are Interested in Botox

botox-injectionIn the realm of plastic surgery, there are definitely seasonal periods where you will see more people rushing to their plastic surgeon's office more frequently than others. They are the moments in life and throughout the year you might expect people to try and look their best - swimsuit season, graduations, the holidays and, of course, wedding season.

Of all the people you might expect to look radiant on someone's special day, would you think that person might be the bride's…father?

A new trend on the rise?

Well, in this case, that's precisely what happened. According to New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Steven L. Davis, the fathers of the bride are starting to pour in to his office in order to look younger on their daughters' special day.

One patient, Tom Colucci of East Berlin, NJ, told Fox News, "I'm starting to see some creases and extra wrinkles that weren't there before. I want to look as good as I did ten years ago for my other daughter's wedding."

Mr. Colucci wasn't interested in anything invasive, so a mix of Botox and Restylane, a filler used to treat facial wrinkles, was the procedure du jour.

Botox among men is on the rise in general, according to statistics. In 2011, over 360,000 procedures involving Botulinum Toxin Type A were performed in the U.S., an eight per cent increase from the previous year. It was the top minimally-invasive procedure among men in 2011 by a mile, trumping the number two procedure, laser hair removal, by over 170,000 procedures.

Is this a new trend on the horizon? Will Father of the Bride Botox be the next Chin Lifts? Only time will tell.

If you're interested in looking special for your daughter's big day, or for any reason in particular, contact a trusted plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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