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The Face Lift vs. Mini-Lift

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The face lift has changed over the years. Nowadays, cosmetic surgeons are offering what feels like an a la carte menu of lifts for your face ranging from brow lifts, to neck lifts, to skin tightening. The full face lift and the mini-lift are the two most common procedures people tend to debate over.

Learn more about the difference between the two.

The mini-lift is a procedure that is just that – mini. Patients who don’t see an excess amount of sagging and jowls are great candidates for the mini lift. The mini lift can correct a limited amount of these issues but it may not be enough to obtain the results that you want.

The full, or traditional face lift is the most effective way to reverse those pestering signs of aging like jowls and sagging in the neck and chin. Yes, it is a more invasive procedure, but that is why the results last longer and are usually more noticeable than those of a mini-lift.

Your physician will be able to recommend what they feel you need to get the results you want. Different degrees of aging will dictate exactly what your physician feels is appropriate for maximum results.

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