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Oklahoma Liquid Face Lift

As we age, the daily responsibilities of life continue. Even amidst hurricane season where flooding in Oklahoma City can be rampant, we seem to wear these stresses right where everyone can see them - on our face.

Find out why so many are turning to the “liquid face lift” for help.


Everyday lifestyle choices can help or hurt the appearance of age on the face. Your skin care regimen, sleep patterns, diet, exercise, and stress coping skills all play a major role in keeping you looking fresh.  But, what goes up must come down and unfortunately gravity is no friend to the face. 

As patients feel the need to supplement with procedures like the face lift to combat the appearance of aging other alternatives are emerging.  For those who are interested in a less invasive procedure the “liquid face lift” may be your taste of the fountain of youth. The “liquid face lift” generally describes using injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, along the jaw, sides of the face, and other problem areas that can appear gaunt. Different combinations of injectables can be used to tailor your “liquid face lift” to exactly what you want to accomplish. You and your physician can cater to the exact areas and issues you want address.

The knife-free alternative to a traditional surgical face lift is a great way to achieve a rested and refreshed face without the concerns that accompany surgery.  The results are immediate and patients who are hesitant about recovery time, scarring, and cost can rest easy.  With the holidays looming and family and friends in your future, the “liquid face lift” is an instant fix to those troublesome areas of your face.

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