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Have You Considered a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Have You Considered a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift procedure performed by Dr. Benien can help you achieve your ideal profile figure. Good diet and exercise will take you far when it comes to looking your best, but sometimes to achieve your ideal shape, surgery may be the best option.

Change your Silhouette

If you like the look of a round and perky backside, Dr. Benien can plan a procedure to transfer your own fats to your buttocks to help round out your existing musculature. You can achieve a younger looking behind that fits better into anything from pants to a bikini.

Your Brazilian butt lift will not cause any scarring. There are few injection sites to collect or inject the fat cells, and Dr. Benien is careful to place injection sites in natural creases and zones of your body that will not leave noticeable marks.

Remove Fat from Trouble Areas

A Brazilian butt lift Procedure doesn’t actually begin in the posterior. When performing a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Benien begins by removing fat cells from your trouble areas. During your consultation Dr. Benien will ask you of any areas you may be struggling with stubborn fat, or areas that don’t have the trim shape you would like.

Because Dr. Benien uses liposuction to collect the fat cells from your trouble areas, a Brazilian butt lift is really like two procedures in one. You can change your profile to a more feminine silhouette in multiple areas at the same time.

Fat Transfer Benefits

After Dr. Benien removes your unwanted fat cells, they are processed and purified so they are safe for injection. Using your own fat cells to give your buttocks volume has benefits over other fillers. Fat cells that have been processed and purified carry a significantly lower risk of rejection and infection and also last much longer.