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Curious About a Mommy Makeover?

Whether you have recently had kids or you have been a mom for years, body image issues can linger longer than you had hoped. If your post-baby body is making you discouraged and you want to feel like your youthful self once again, a Mommy Makeover may be an effective option for you. Dr. Benien offers Mommy Makeover packages at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Oklahoma City that are completely personalized to each woman’s specific needs and body goals.

The Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

With any procedure, it is important to keep the end in mind in order to get the results you want. A Mommy Makeover has many benefits which is why it has become increasingly popular recently. These benefits include:

  • Natural, youthful results
  • Customizable to a woman’s concerns
  • All procedures can be performed at once as a single surgery (this saves money and recovery time)
  • A renewed sense of confidence

Mommy Makeover Packages Include…

Our Mommy Makeover treatments are designed to fit your body goals, which means you get to decide what your package includes with the professional recommendations of Dr. Benien.

Dr. Benien offers a number of procedures to enhance the breasts including breast augmentation , breasts lifts , and breast reduction . For stubborn fat around the stomach, he may recommend liposuction (which can be used to other parts of the body as well). Loose abdominal skin or outstretched muscles can be address with a tummy tuck . Another popular procedure is a butt lift . Personalized plans are important at Cosmetic Surgery Center to ensure all our Oklahoma mamas are getting their needs met.

Mommy Makeovers Made For You

If you are struggling with self-confidence due to sagging breasts, stretched skin, or baby weight that refuses to leave, a Mommy Makeover can be an excellent option to feel like yourself again. Dr. Benien offers personalized Mommy Makeover treatments in Oklahoma City for women just like yourself. To learn more about Mommy Makeovers, schedule your initial consultation with our fantastic team today.

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