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Can Botox Treat Acne?

AcneBotox has been used to great effect to treat more than just wrinkles. Botulinum Toxin Type A has proven effective against muscle disorders, excessive sweating, and migraines as well.

It may not shock you, then, to learn that Botox is being proposed to treat another common skin ailment - acne.

Yet another use for the popular wrinkle treatment?

Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD, of Chicago, recently published a study suggesting Botox can be used to treat the issue, and swears by it himself. According to his method, instead of injecting botulinum toxin into the muscle, one instead injects it into the skin. He says this treats sebum (aka oil) production and large pores, thus reducing the number of breakouts.

He only uses this treatment on people over the age of 20, mind you, because the treatment is unsuitable for people in their teenage years, still going through hormonal development. "Their hormonal changes are likely permanent," Dr. Shah said of the patients he treats. "For them, Botox is now the safest, most effective treatment we have."

Now, this doesn't mean you should seek out Botox right away to zap those zits. This is only one study, and further research and testing would need to be conducted before anyone will be thinking of using Botox against pimples on a broad scale. In the meantime, laser and light treatments are available for adults with skin problems they can't handle alone, as well as chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

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