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Liposuction FAQ: Where Can Liposuction Be Performed?

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Well known for its body contouring ways, liposuction is an effective and efficient way to remove stubborn pockets of fat. While some areas are more obvious and thus, popular, like the waist and abdominals, others, like the benefits of knee liposuction are lesser known—yet, can be equally improved with liposuction.
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Have Your Skin Summer Ready with Microneedling

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Readying ourselves for the summer ahead
, many understandably focus on achieving the perfect beach-ready body. But what about a beach-ready glow? Often overlooked, your skin is on display just as much as your body is throughout the summer. Not to fret—with microneedling, a healthy and luminous complexion is achievable.

The Emotional Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

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Eager for their Mommy Makeover, women come into the Cosmetic Surgery Center excited to finally regain their pre-baby body. Wonderfully restorative, a Mommy Makeover can reverse the effects that pregnancy can have on a woman’s body. Focusing more on the results that are possible physically, Dr. Benien’s patients often overlook the overarching impact a Mommy Makeover can have on their entire life.

At his Oklahoma City practice, Dr. Benien encourages his patients to consider the benefits that—along with their newly restored figure—a Mommy Makeover can have on their mental and emotional states.

3 Ways Lip Fillers Can Make You Look Younger

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More than just words alone, the lips can communicate our age. As the years pass, the plump pout of our youth is soon replaced by aging lips. Losing their lustrous volume, the lips tend to thin and no longer embody their once smooth and youthful fullness.

How Will a Brazilan Butt Lift Enhance Your Figure?

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Thin is no longer in. Reflecting a change in body ideals, women are now coveting a more voluptuous figure. The desire for a larger, fuller, and rounder buttocks is at an all-time high—and, it does not look like this trend will slow in the near future. In hopes of achieving a boosted booty, women are increasingly seeking out the Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Benien.

During your Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is moved from a more well-endowed area and repositioned to the buttocks. With the benefits of liposuction, body contouring, and buttock enhancement, the Brazilian Butt Lift is quickly becoming a patient favorite.

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