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The FAT Facelift

Get a Facelift in Oklahoma city Oklahoma City, OK A More Natural Face Lift in Oklahoma City by Dr. Benien
Rejuvenating your face with cosmetic surgery is nothing new in the beauty business. However, this new way to create a full and younger-looking face with fat from your own figure has people smiling from ear to ear.

Read about the new way to refurbish your fat.

The New and Fabulous FAT!

For as long as anyone can remember, the word “fat” has come with negative connotations among every culture across the globe. Celebrities continue to get thinner, causing the media to pressure everyone into thinking that they need to do the same. Fad diets and the latest workout crazes are always a hot topic among friends and fashion magazines.  While fat may not be considered fabulous in some social circles, there is a new use for the chub we are all trying to beat at the athletic club. That's right, there is a way for your fat to help you - it's called fat grafting.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is the extraction of fat from areas of your body and then injecting that fat into your face. As the newest way to create a fuller and fresher face, fat grafting may seem a little strange at first, but it makes more sense than a lot of other procedures that are available. By using fat that already exists in other areas of your body, your body is much more likely to “take” to the fat than other fillers or injectables. The quality of your results will also be better as your face will contour better with your own tissues.

Are There Other Benefits?

Not only does the use of your fat to give you a more youthful face increase the likelihood it also combats fat in an area you may not want it. The removal of fat can be targeted at an area that you can’t seem to kick with just regular diet and exercise. The procedure requires no incisions and very minimal scarring is reported. The benefits seem to be almost endless but a discussion with your physician will insure you are fully educated and prepared to embark on a FAT facelift.

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