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3 Ways Lip Fillers Can Make You Look Younger

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More than just words alone, the lips can communicate our age. As the years pass, the plump pout of our youth is soon replaced by aging lips. Losing their lustrous volume, the lips tend to thin and no longer embody their once smooth and youthful fullness.

A Youthful Pucker

What are youthful lips, you ask? Youthful lips are characterized by:

  • The upper lip should rest lightly on the bottom lip
  • The lower lip is about twice the size of the upper lip
  • The lips are well-defined with a strong cupid’s brow
  • The fullness of the lip peaks towards the center
Fortunately, by performing lip augmentation, Dr. Benien can prolong the youthful look of your lips. Dr. Benien is careful to accentuate your lips in a way that is complimentary to your facial anatomy. Subtly enhancing the lips can take years off of your appearance.

All Over Enhancement

Volume loss is not the only factor contributing to an aged mouth. Along with the changing shape, lips can appear disproportionate to each other and the rest of the face. Likewise, lending to a lack of definition, the once strong vermillion border fades and blurs the line between the lip and skin. When performing lip injections, Dr. Benien defines the size and shape of the mouth by bringing volume, proportion, and definition to the lips.

FYI: Having trouble with your lipstick bleeding outside of your lip line? Lip injections establish a prominent border to ensure that lipstick stays in its place.

Time not only changes the look of the lips, but also the feel. Formulated of hyaluronic acid, injectable dermal fillers restore the lips’ soft buoyancy—both in look and feel. Smooth to the touch—you can look forward smooth, kissable lips.

No More Wrinkles

In addition to our body’s natural aging process, collagen loss, gravity, sun exposure, and inevitable repetitive facial movements make for a tired looking mouth. Not always considered, a great advantage of lip injections is that they help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that form around the mouth. With more fullness in the area, lines such as perioral lines and nasolabial folds are “plumped”, filled-in, and no longer as visible.

Defy Aging with Lip Augmentation

A perky pout is possible. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Benien to discuss how he can help you get the lusciously youthful lips you desire.