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3 Ways a Brow Lift Can Enhance Your Appearance

Oklahoma City Brow Lift

One of the most common signs of aging is sagging or drooping brows, a flaw that can only be corrected temporarily with Botox and other skin rejuvenation procedures. If you want to maintain a fresh-faced appearance permanently, consider undergoing brow lift surgery. This cosmetic procedure works to minimize signs of aging around the forehead and brows. It can help you maintain a fresh-faced and youthful appearance for years to come, and we will customize the procedure to achieve the best possible results.

Here are three ways a brow lift can enhance your appearance:

#1: Create a more positive facial expression. Many people find that lowered or droopy eyebrows can make them appear sad, angry, or depressed when they are not actually expressing any emotions. A brow lift can raise lowered eyebrows to a more attractive position so you maintain an alert and even happier appearance without forcing any expression.

#2: Smooth away deep lines and creases along the forehead. A brow lift can reposition some of the delicate tissues along the forehead to improve lines, wrinkles, and creases that may be taking away from your youthful appearance. Undergoing a brow lift may be an option for those who are no longer satisfied with their results from non-surgical treatments like Botox or skin tightening procedures.

#3: Reduce furrows and frown lines between the brows. The “11’s” that form between the brows can be relaxed with Botox Cosmetic, but the results are temporary and your face may not respond the same way to treatment as you get older. If you are bothered by furrows and lines that have formed between the brows and at the top of the nose, you may be a good candidate for a brow lift. Brow lift surgery can tighten the skin around this area to create a rejuvenated look.

The brow lift is performed with intravenous or general sedation and may involve the use of an endoscopic tool to provide access to the tissues. We will discuss the specific technique used for your procedure during your consultation. You can expect to see results within a few weeks of treatment after the swelling has subsided.

If you want to enhance your appearance and say goodbye to some of those deeper wrinkles and lines, schedule your brow lift consultation in Oklahoma City with Dr. Benien today!

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